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Hall County Treatment Services
Judicial Accountability Services Building

DUI Court
Drug Court
Family Treatment Court
H.E.L.P. Program
Parental Accountability Court

Substance Abuse Evaluation/Referral

Substance Abuse Evaluation/Referral is funded by revenues generated from the Drug, Alcohol, Treatment, and Education (D.A.T.E.) fund. Revenue is generated from fees collected for some drug and alcohol abuse cases filed and by defendants ordered by the courts to undergo drug/alcohol evaluations and drug testing. After initial evaluation, if a person is determined to have a substance abuse problem, the individual will select an approved treatment provider. The Substance Abuse Service office schedules the initial appointment for them and the probation officer is notified of the appointment time and location. Substance Abuse Services takes an active role in monitoring treatment for the duration of the process.

Contact Information
Corrynn Thomas, Case Manager

Hall County DUI Court
Presiding Judge Larry A. Baldwin, II

Mission Statement
The Hall County DUI Court mission is to make offenders accountable for their actions, bringing about a behavioral change that reduces DUI recidivism and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs while raising the re-licensure rate for participants that complete the program; to protect the public, to treat the victims of DUI offenders in a fair, just way; and to educate the public as to the benefits of DUI courts for the communities that they serve.

What is DUI Court?
The Hall County DUI Court is designed to coordinate substance abuse intervention with judicial support through an immediate sanctions and incentives process.

  • Participant entry into the DUI Court will be mandatory and charges will not be reduced or dismissed upon successful completion of the Program.
  • One goal is to reduce the Driving Under the Influence recidivism through substance abuse intervention with immediate judicial review.
  • Another goal of the DUI Court is to facilitate the re-licensure of participants in the program.
  • The DUI Court is a partnership among the Courts, the Solicitors Office, the Defense Bar, Law Enforcement, Probation Services, and local, licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Providers. It is coordinated through the DUI Court Office in the Hall County Courthouse.
  • Referrals into the Hall County DUI Court began on March 19, 2003, with the Honorable Judge Charles Wynne as the presiding Judge.

Why DUI Court?
Incarceration has not proven an effective, long-term deterrent for repeat offenders. The ability to utilize Judicial Review in regards to treatment allows for a higher degree of follow-through and accountability for the participants in this program. This will lead to a higher level of treatment success and in increase in public safety as a result.

Contact Information
Katie Bruner, Coordinator

Nathan Strong, Case Manager

Hall County Drug Court
Presiding Judge Jason J. Deal

The Hall County Drug Court was organized in February 2000 under the direction of Superior Court Judge John Girardeau. The Court is a partnership among the Drug Court Judge, District Attorney, Probation, Law Enforcement, Drug Court Treatment Team, Drug Court Defense Attorney, Juvenile Court Judge, and the Pretrial Services Director.

The program is a minimum of twenty-four months and consists of five phases. It encompasses vocational, educational, and spiritual components in conjunction with providing substance abuse treatment. Phase 1 provides an orientation to treatment along with urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and weekly Drug Court appearances. Phase 2 provides alternatives to criminal and addictive thinking with continued urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and weekly Drug Court appearances. Phase 3 provides more specific treatment protocols along with urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and Drug Court appearances every other week. Phase 4 is a transition phase and allows the client to act as a facilitator/mentor for clients in Phase 1. Urine drug screens and breathalyzers continue as do Drug Court appearances every two weeks. Phase 5 is the aftercare phase. The client attends group, urine drug screens and breathalyzers as scheduled, and is a role model to the orientation group.

This program provides early intervention and serves as a meaningful alternative to incarceration for the participant who can function in the community with support. It is our goal to improve the quality of life and reduce recidivism for the participants in this program. Those who graduate will have a solid foundation to build upon in order to become a productive member of our community.

Contact Information
Hoke Snelson, Drug Court Coordinator

AJ Puckett, Case Manager

Heather Herrington, Lead Counselor

Myra Muckle, Counselor

Gary Payne, Counselor

Jason Lunt, Probation Track Counselor

Suzanne Eberhardt, Probation Track Case Manager

H.E.L.P. Program - Health, Empowerment, Linkage & Possibilities
Presiding Judge Kathlene F. Gosselin

The Hall County H.E.L.P. Program was implemented in December, 2004 under the direction of Superior Court Judge Kathlene Gosselin. The Court is a partnership among the Judge, District Attorney, Solicitor-General, Probation, Pre-trial Services, Law Enforcement, Treatment Team, Defense Counsel, and Indigent Defense.

The program is nine to eighteen months in duration and consists of three phases. The goal of the program is to link participants with community resources that will allow them to live healthy, productive lives and reduce/eliminate future involvement with the criminal justice system. Those who graduate will have a solid foundation to build upon in order to become a productive member of our community.


It is the mission of the HELP Program to provide alternatives to incarceration for defendants who are involved in the criminal justice system as a result of their mental health issues. We accomplish this by linking those individuals to local, community based treatment resources with the goals of reducing recidivism and helping the participants become stable, productive members of the community.

Referrals can be made by anyone including but not limited to Judges, Law Enforcement, Public Defenders, Private Attorneys, self-referrals, and family and friends. Anyone referred must have an open case in the criminal justice system. Referral sources should consider the eligibility requirements (PDF), fill out a referral form (PDF) and fax it to the H.E.L.P. program.

Contact Information
Dr. Denise McKinney, Clinical Coordinator

Jason Bennett, Clinical Case Manager

Paula Kicklighter, Community Support Individual

Parental Accountability Court

The Parental Accountability Court is an effort with Georgia Child Support Services to help delinquent parents come into compliance and support their children. As an alternative to jail time, the six-month program focuses on resolving the causes for nonpayment, such as substance abuse and unemployment. The Parental Accountability Court reduces the tax burden of incarcerating offenders for failure to pay child support.

Contact Information
Cedric Wesley, Coordinator

Treatment Services
Debbie Mott, Director
2318 Browns Bridge Rd.
Gainesville, GA 30504-6041

Mailing Address:
P.O. Drawer 1435
Gainesville, GA 30503

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