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Tax Assessors
Assessment Notices

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An Assessment Notice is a written explanation of the assessed value of the property described in the notice. Under state law enacted in 2011, notices are mailed to all property owners every year. The Hall County Board of Tax Assessors mails notices in May. Law also mandates that notice be given to the property owner following a revaluation of the property. An opportunity to appeal is afforded and is explained in detail in the notice.

 Sample Assessment Notice (PDF)


Undeliverable Assessment Notices are assessment notices that were returned by the United States Postal Service as being undeliverable. Every attempt has been made to determine the correct mailing address and in some cases re-mailed only to have some notices returned again. The following list is all those assessment notices which have been returned so far and considered undeliverable. Per Georgia Code Section 48-5-306 a public list of undeliverable assessment notices are posted on the third floor at the Hall County Court House.

Notices were posted on Monday, June 23, 2014.

 2014 Undeliverable Assessment Notices (PDF)

"I've received a revised assessment notice... now what do I do?" Now that you have received your revised assessment notice from your appeal you may wonder what your options are. You actually have three:

  1. Accept the new value: If you accept the newly revised value and want to get a revised tax bill quickly, simply do the following; State in writing that you accept the new value. You can do this in person, via regular mail, or email. Make sure you include the parcel number (map code), property address, and owner name. If you have any questions about the process contact the Tax Assessors office at 770.531.6720, by email, or come by the office at 2875 Browns Bridge Rd., Gainesville, GA 30504-5635. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 2895, Gainesville, Georgia, 30503.
  2. Appeal the revised value: If you still do not agree with the new revised value you can appeal further to the next level of appeal, The Board of Equalization. To appeal further you must do so in writing no later than 30 days from the date of the notice.
  3. Do nothing: The time to appeal will expire 30-days from the date on the notice. Once this time expires and/or you have not already asked us to do so we will forward the new valuation to the Tax Commissioners office for rebilling. If you have already paid your tax bill one of three things will happen; you will either get a revised tax bill, a refund, or you may owe additional tax. If you have any questions about which of these three things you may be entitled to just contact or come by our office.

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Hall County now accepts secure tax payments online for Real Property and Personal Property.

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