11/23/15 Motor vehicle renewal notices

The Office of the Hall County Tax Commissioner was informed last week that standard registration renewal notices for December will not be mailed out by the Department of Revenue (DOR). Instead, the DOR will be sending out generic letter notifications to remind residents that they are coming up on their renewal, but it will not have the same billing information, including amount due, that is normally provided.

"Renewal notices are a courtesy reminder mailing that we have been fortunate enough to have approved in our budget. Though tax commissioners are not required to offer this service, we believe it's a win-win for us and our residents as we realize that sometimes life gets busy and we forget," said Tax Commissioner Darla Eden.

Once the letter is received, please follow the instructions on the letter to retrieve your Renewal Identification Number (RIN) if you wish to pay online or to find out amount owed. The RIN will automatically populate in the renewal program to continue the renewal process.

Note: Vehicle registration is required to be renewed by the expiration date which is the date of the first listed owner's birthday. Failure to renew timely can result in citations and fines.

Darla Eden, Hall County Tax Commissioner, also reminds taxpayers that her office offers five ways to renew motor vehicle registrations. Taxpayers may renew online at tax.hallcounty.org or visit the DOR website https://mvd.dor.ga.gov/tags/index.aspx. Or, for those who wish to pay in person, renewals can be processed by members of the Hall County Tax Commissioner's staff on the first floor of the Hall County Government Center, located at 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville. An outside drop box is located at the front door entrance to the government center for after-hour payment. A payment box is also near the information table in the lobby of the Hall County Tax Commissioner's office for those who do not wish to wait during regular business hours. As always, taxpayers may renew by mail. And finally, taxpayers may utilize the newest innovation in tag renewals - the self-service renewal kiosk at North Hall Community Center on Nopone Road. The kiosk is available during the community center's regular operating hours, including nights and weekends.