4/10/15 New tax kiosk to be located at North Hall Community Center

New tax kiosk to be located at North Hall Community Center

Residents in north Hall County will soon be able to renew their motor vehicle registration at a location closer to home.

At a meeting Thursday evening, the Hall County Board of Commissioners approved the implementation of a new tax kiosk to be located inside the North Hall Community Center on Nopone Road.

“The secure, user-friendly kiosk will give taxpayers the opportunity to print registrations and decals in less than a minute,” Hall County Tax Commissioner Darla Eden said. “All they have to do is bring in their renewal form they received in the mail, scan the barcode at the kiosk, or enter their driver’s license number, and their decal is printed following a few simple steps.”

Eden said the fee for using the kiosk will be $3 for up to 10 transactions. The kiosk, which is roughly the size of an ATM, will take debit and credit card payments.

“I believe the convenience of having a kiosk in the North Hall community will be a great benefit for citizens in that area,” she said. “In addition, the County will be able to provide them this service without hiring additional staff or maintaining an additional facility.”

Citizens will also be able to make motor vehicle registration transactions outside of the normal business hours of the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s Office since the North Hall Community Center is open on nights and weekends.

Eden said a large number of citizens already visit the North Hall Community Center every day and providing the renewal service is expected to increase the use of the facility.

“It really is a win-win,” she said.

Eden said the addition of a kiosk should also help decrease traffic in the Tax Commissioner’s Office at the Hall County Government Center, resulting in shorter wait times for citizens at that location.

The cost of the kiosk, which is expected to be installed at the community center in early summer, will be covered by user transaction fees. The kiosk’s supplier, Intellectual Technology, Inc., will be responsible for all maintenance and repair at no cost to the County.

“I’d like to thank the Commission for their support of this new opportunity, which will allow us to better serve the citizens of Hall County,” said Eden.