Courtroom Equipment

Our Jury Trial courtrooms are equipped with an audio visual courtroom evidence presentation system that allows attorneys to use the central podium to display physical documents or photographs, DVD videos, or even connect their laptop to display whatever they need.


Judge, Witness, and Attorney Table Microphones
These desk microphones contain a privacy mute button. Press and hold this button to mute this microphone from all speakers and recording devices. Astatic 40-116
Podium and Jury Microphones
These gooseneck microphones are utilized in our central podium and alongside the jury box bar. Astatic AS-915
Wireless Microphone System
Some of our courtrooms contain a handheld wireless microphone system. If available, you may request use of the system from the Judge’s Office. Shure PG4


Document Camera
JVC AV-P720U Using our document camera, you may display an object to your audience. The document camera will allow you to magnify and project the image of a three-dimensional object, document, or photograph.
Sony SLV D380P If you've got a standard video DVD or VHS cassette tape, you may use our DVD/VCR combo player.
Composite Cables The DVD/VCR player contains a composite input.

If you bring your own composite cable, you may connect to the front of the DVD/VCR player.
VGA Cable You may connect a laptop computer to the evidence presentation system using the provided VGA cable.

If your laptop does not have VGA output but has HDMI or DVI, you will need to bring your own adapter to convert to VGA.
Audio TRS Mini-Plug You may connect the 3.5mm audio cable to your laptop to output audio or even connect it to a digital audio recorder for playback.


The bench contains a monitor to allow the Judge to view the evidence presentation system. LCD Monitor
The witness box contains a monitor to allow the Witness to view the evidence presentation system. LCD Monitor
Some of our courtrooms contain monitors in the jury box. LCD Monitor
The main wall contains a large screen TV and projector screen to allow the attorney tables, jury box, and gallery to view the evidence presentation system. TV Monitor