Tax Commissioner Eden seeks taxpayers for refunds

In a new effort to find and remind taxpayers of unclaimed monies, Hall County Tax Commissioner Darla Eden announced Monday that her office is looking to return thousands of dollars in tax refunds to taxpayers.


Eden's Accounting Manager Mark Bennett took on the challenge of finding and mailing to the appropriate residents a notification of refund.  Stemming from tax years prior to 2013, these refunds originated from motor vehicle and property tax overpayments or from changes in property values.


The task involves finding resident addresses located in state and county systems or by web search for inadequate initial findings.


"We believe it is right to actively find the owners of these tax monies before sending it to the State of Georgia Unclaimed Property Division, as required for unclaimed funds," said Eden.


"Over a hundred letters were mailed to taxpayers to notify them of unclaimed monies.  To date, approximately 50 taxpayers have responded, claiming over $22,000," said Bennett.


Efforts are being made to locate these residents.  If you believe you are due a refund from the tax commissioner's office for tax years prior to 2013, please visit our website ( for the list of eligible residents. Claims from third parties cannot be accepted, and claims of more than $100 must be submitted with government issued photo identification.



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