11/25/14 Property Tax Due Press Release


Reminder from the Office of the Hall County Tax Commissioner:

Property tax is due on Monday, Dec. 1. Our offices will be closed for Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27 and Nov. 28) in compliance with the Hall County Government holiday schedule.

For the convenience of our residents, we offer the ability to pay property tax and tag renewals online. In an effort to prevent the probability of increased wait times and to process payments more efficiently, citizens are encouraged to remit their payment by mail using the return envelope to P O Box 1579, Gainesville, GA 30503, or through our web page tax.hallcounty.org. Payments made in full that are USPS postmarked or dropped off at the Hall County Government Center by 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 1, will be honored as timely payment and not incur any interest as mandated by the state.

Citizens may also utilize our drop box located in front of the main doors at the Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30504. We also have a payment box located near our information table so that those who do not wish to wait may drop their payment there during regular business hours. Those who wish to pay by check, debit or credit card are encouraged to use either of the drop boxes for both motor vehicle renewals and property tax payments or to use the online service. (A 2.59 percent transaction fee is added to all debit/credit payments).

We accept partial payments for property tax in any amount the taxpayer desires. However, to avoid the state imposed interest of 1% of unpaid tax, the final payment must be postmarked on or before Dec 1. A state imposed penalty of 10% of unpaid tax is applied on March 2. Paying on or before March 1 will prevent the additional 10% penalty but will not prevent the accrual of the 1% interest per month after the Dec 1 due date.

If tax is not paid in full by May 1, the taxpayer is subject to additional tax lien and/or levy fees which will greatly increase the amount owed. Once charges have been added, they cannot be waived by this office per state law. We greatly discourage our residents from waiting this long.

  MAILING: Office of the Hall County Tax Commissioner P O Box 1579 Gainesville GA 30503 PHYSICAL: Hall County Government Center 2875 Browns Bridge Rd – 1st floor Gainesville GA 30504