Pre-Trial Release

About the Program
The Pre-Trial Release Program has been in operation since November 1998. Since its inception, the number of clients that have been released into the Pre-Trial Release Program has grown exponentially. In November 2000, the Hall County Board of Commissioners approved additional staff position to meet the ever-increasing demands to release defendants from incarceration while awaiting adjudication of their cases. The practical aspects of the Pre-Trial Program cannot be overstated. Essentially, while awaiting their case to be heard in court, eligible and carefully screened defendants can be released into the Pre-Trial Program. The ultimate success of the Pre-Trial Program depends on adequate staff trained in dealing with probation matters to ensure clients are effectively monitored while awaiting trial or case disposition.

Assessment to Determine Eligibility

Pre-Trial officers conduct assessment interviews of potential clients to determine if they are suitable to be released from incarceration. This assessment is normally conducted at the Hall County Detention Center. If all requirements are met and appropriate authorities agree to release the client from incarceration, a bond order is prepared which cites the conditions of release. The judge to whom the case is assigned then signs the bond order. The client reads and signs an agreement to the conditions of the bond and then is released from incarceration.