Traffic Engineering Division

About the Division
This division provides traffic engineering services for all county roadways. This includes installation of traffic signals and traffic control signs, as well as planning for road entrances.
  1. Aggressive Drivers

    Learn about the definition of aggressive drivers and find helpful tips on how to react to an aggressive driver.

  2. Children at Play Signs

    Some neighborhood traffic control signs, designed with the intent to provide security and safety for the families who live there, can often have the exact opposite results.

  3. Coping With Congestion

    Find a driver's guide to coping with congestion to stay safe on the road.

  4. Neighborhood Traffic Calming

    Hall County has 2 programs available to address the increasing concerns of citizens regarding speeding within residential neighborhoods.

  5. Traffic Control Devices

    Traffic Control devices are all signs, signals, markings, and devices placed on or adjacent to a street or highway by a public body having the authority to regulate, warn, or guide traffic.