Focusing on Domestic Violence

Focusing on Domestic Violence is a Lunch and Learn session being held on Thursday, October 2. Did you know that 1 in 4 women will experience abuse by an intimate partner? It's an alarming statistic - 25% of all women. We've seen the recent spotlight on sports figures who have physically abused their partners. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. In conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness month, Human Resources is proud to present a Lunch and Learn session focusing on the issue of domestic violence and partner abuse. How can we help victims? How does partner abuse come into play in the workplace? At this Lunch and Learn session, we welcome 3 dynamic speakers. Abigail Hosford Cutchshaw is the daughter of the late Dr. Michael Hosford, beloved Gainesville pediatrician. Abigail is a published author, and a domestic violence survivor. She shares her compelling journey from abuse victim to survivor in her book, "Finding Hope - The Journey of a Battered Wife". Abigail speaks publicly to various civic groups and schools, sharing her story of survival. She is a gifted speaker. You will not want to miss her! Stephanie Woodard is the Solicitor General for the Ninth District Northeastern Judicial Circuit. Ms. Woodard is an exciting speaker who will be speaking on the dynamics of partner abuse, why victims stay in abusive relationships, and how friends and family can help abuse victims. Jessica Butler is the Executive Director of Gateway Domestic Violence Center, in Gainesville. Ms. Butler will share beneficial information regarding the impact partner abuse has in the workplace. She will speak on how the abuse victim may interact in the workplace with co-workers and customers, how abuse affects job performance, recognizing signs of abuse, and how co-workers and supervisors can help an abuse victim. Bring your brown bag lunch and join us at noon on Thursday, October 2, at the Hall County Government Center for this important and very interesting session. Human Resources will provide dessert!