Current Year Property Tax Database Download

Tax Database Digest
The annual Tax Database Digest download file contains all property records and is available to individuals and businesses who have a specific business-related need for this information.

The file is available in an encrypted and compressed .ZIP format. You may need to obtain a utility application that can decompress the data on your computer.

The file download requires payment of $500. Please send a check or money order payable to "Hall County Tax Commissioner". Be sure to indicate this payment is for the tax database digest download.

After receipt of payment, a password will be supplied by the Tax Commissioner's Office to unlock the encrypted file. Please call 770-531-6950, extension 4412 for information.

If you already have a password, you may proceed to the download page.

If you prefer to research tax assessor property information cards, you may choose to use the free search page.

Or if you wish to research the payment information for properties, click here.