Household Chemicals

  1. Antifreeze

    Antifreeze can be recycled, however, there are no sites in Hall County for recycling of antifreeze.

  2. Batteries

    Automobile batteries, under state law, may not be legally disposed of in landfills. They must be recycled.

  3. Gasoline

    Before storing a gas-powered vehicle for extended periods of time, add stabilizers to the gasoline. This will decrease the need to drain and replace the gasoline in the engine before restarting.

  4. Motor Oil

    Used motor oil can be recycled or re-refined, a process where it is made into clean lubricant oil or motor oil.

  5. Paint

    To minimize the quantity of paint that must be managed, buy only as much paint as needed and store paint cans with tightly secured lids upside down to prevent the paint from drying out.

  6. Transmission Fluid

    To recycle transmission fluid, place it in a clean, leak-proof container and recycle at any Hall County compactor site or at the Hall County Recycling Center.