New Purchases

From a Dealer
Most Georgia dealers will apply for a title in your name within 3 to 4 weeks of purchase and will send you confirmation of this. No one can register a car in the state of Georgia without a title applied for at the time of registration or a dealer / lien holder applying for a title. Other items you will need are:
  • Acceptable proof of insurance
  • Drivers License or copy of primary owner's Drivers License
  • Proof of ownership

  • Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership:  it is the sole responsibility of the dealership to collect and submit title ad valorem tax (TAVT) to the tag office. It is also the sole responsibility of the dealership to submit title application.  If a vehicle is purchased from a dealership, the customer (or purchaser) cannot submit title application/registration or pay TAVT with a personal check.

    Comprando un vehiculó en un concesionario: es la responsabilidad única del concesionario en colectar y enviar los impuestos al valor del título (TAVT) a la oficina de etiquetas/placas. También es la responsabilidad única del concesionario de presentar la solicitud de título. Si un vehiculó es comprado de un concesionario, el cliente (oh comprador) no puede presentar la solicitud de título/registrar oh pagar TAVT con un cheque, tarjeta de débito/crédito personal ni en efectivo.

From an Individual
If you purchase a vehicle from an individual or business (other than a dealer) in a casual / private sale you are required to apply for the Georgia title and registration within 7 business days of your purchase date.

You are required to title all 1986 and newer vehicles prior to registration. All owners need to be present with valid identification and acceptable proof of insurance.