Moving to Hall County From Another State

Required Documents
You will need to visit the Hall County Tax Commissioner and bring the following: 
  • Your Title (all owners must be present to sign the application for title)
  • A valid GA driver's license / ID reflecting your current Hall county Address
  • Proof of GA Insurance
If You Do Not Have Your Title
If you are making payments and do not have your title, contact your lien holder to request a copy of the title be faxed to this office at 770-531-7111. In the case of an electronic lien, ask your lien holder to fax a print screen (this will give the office the information needed to apply for a title and register your vehicle). You will also need your current registration for the vehicle(s).

If Leasing
If you are leasing, notify your leasing company of your move and request that they send you a copy of the title and an original power of attorney to allow you to title and register the vehicle in Georgia. You will also need your current registration for the vehicle(s).

Ad Valorem Tax
Payment of title ad valorem tax (TAVT) is required on most title transactions. See the motor vehicle FAQs. Individuals moving to GA have 30 calendar days after establishing their residency to register their vehicles. However, if your out-of-state registration is not current, you should come into the Office of the Hall county Tax Commissioner as soon as possible.

All registrations expire at midnight on the birthday of the owner (first person listed on title). If you do not receive your renewal notice in the mail, please contact the Tax Commissioner and we will be happy to send you bill. Remember that it is your responsibility to renew your registration before your deadline.