Motor Vehicle Information

Motor Vehicle Tag & Title Information
This section contains registration information for vehicles that are transferred from another Georgia County into Hall, transferring from another state into Georgia, vehicles purchased from a dealer and vehicles purchased from an individual.

Motor Vehicle - New to Hall County - Brochure
View and print information about motor vehicle registration/renewal in Hall.
  1. Renewal Information

    Renew your tag in Hall County.

  2. Vehicle Registration Information

    Find out how to register your vehicle with Hall County.

  3. Disabled Persons

    Find out how to receive your disabled person's placard and plates, as well as your permit.

  1. Special Tags

    Find information and see a sample of what is available.

  2. Title Ad Valorem Tax Calculator

    Calculate your ad valorem tax.

  3. Voluntary Registration Cancellation

    You may cancel your vehicle registration at any time.