Property Information Update Form

Welcome to the Hall County Board of Assessors Property Information Update Page. We have appraisers in the field on a regular basis making field inspections as a result of an issuance of a building permit, appeal review or a part of the normal reappraisal process in your area. In any case the physical inspection of the property is a key component of the appraisal process. An appraiser may have left a door hanger at your residence instructing you to visit this page and verify interior and/or exterior data of your residence.

You may submit your information using this online form. After successfully submitting your information, you will be presented with the opportunity to print a receipt as proof of your submission. 

Hall County regularly reviews real property to verify that valuations are distributed equitably based on actual market and physical data. If you received a notice or request to update your property details, you may use this online form to submit your information electronically.