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A message from Hall County Tax Commissioner Darla Eden:

I am enjoying my first term serving as your Tax Commissioner and am grateful to be back in public service.  I appreciate the opportunity to modernize, streamline, and  professionalize the office operations, systems, and management processes - all in the effort to increase efficiency, productivity, and ease of use for you.

The staff at the tax office is eager and dedicated to serve you in a professional and friendly environment.  We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding ways that we may serve you even better.

Please contact our office with any questions regarding the information mentioned on our site.

The Tax Commissioner is responsible for every phase in the collection of property tax due to the state, county, municipalities and school systems.  Preparation of the tax digest is the first stage of the process followed by property tax statement billing, collecting, accounting, auditing and disbursements. The Tax Commissioner’s Office calculates the amount due for property tax statements based on the assessed property value, as determined by the Tax Assessors, and the millage rate, as set by the Board of Commissioners.  The county Board of Commissioners appoints the Board of Tax Assessors.  The Tax Assessors have full and final authority over what property is taxable, the values placed thereon, and applicable exemptions (residential, commercial, and personal property) and the estimated amount of taxes due according to state code.  While our offices are interrelated from a work flow process, both offices are counterparts to the point that our data and processes are interconnected. Neither office has jurisdiction over the other.

Additionally, as a tag agent for the state of Georgia, the Tax Commissioner enforces regulations mandated by the state. The Tax Commissioner is also responsible for the collection of all taxes, fees, and penalties - in a timely manner - for motor vehicles as applicable under the Georgia Code. Our goal is to administer state law with integrity and fairness to our residents while providing quality customer service at the same time.

Assessment information and help is available from the Hall County Assessors' Office.

Feedback and Suggestions:
Please fill out this brief Customer Feedback Form to let us know how your visit or phone call went with our office. We are always looking for ideas and suggestions on how to improve the office.


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